Located in the very heart of the Albera Mountains, AV Bodeguers presents modern wines with rememberings of the terrain where our raw materials, the grapes, are grown. The winery is placed in the town of Vilamaniscle, less than 10 km from Llança and great views on the Roses gulf.

The vineyards are divided among three estates that, on the whole, account for 5 hectares (ha). They are separated by less than 200 m from each other and they are between the towns of Vilamaniscle and Rabos d’Emporda, within the Albera massif. This mountainous nucleus is characterized because it is a geological form very close to the Mediterranean with soils rich on slate mineral. In this sense, our grapes are extremely conditioned by the four nature elements:



The soil of our vineyards is mainly composed of slate mineral. The slate obliges the vines to develop very deep roots in their fight to get water which is very scarce because of the porosity of the terrain. The hydric stress produced to the vines gives to the wine an elegant mineral touch.



The Weather, Mediterranean, with very poor rainfall offers a very good amount of sunny days. The high isolation level on the grapes allows an optimal ripening.



The Wind. In the region we have a dry and strong wind coming from the North called Tramuntana which helps reducing the amount of microorganisms in the vineyards, keeping them health in a natural and biologic way. On the other hand the gentle breeze blowing during the afternoons moderates the temperatures, allowing the grapes to ripen less accelerated and mostly balanced.


The situation of our vineyards, close the Mediterranean Sea, mean a thermoregulatory effect which helps avoiding extreme temperatures. Plus the scarcity of this element in the environment conditions the development of the plants, enhancing the transmission of elegant shades.

Terra i vi
Terra i vi