Rose Suneus, protagonist at Racó del Bon Vi

Tasting by: Josep M Llibre. Source:
The sweet rose of Empordà. Powered by AV Bodeguers people who were born in 2002 at the hands of Carlos and Conchita Alcacer Vilarmau tat Vilamaniscle (Girona), the bulk of the poplars. His goal was to make rounded and balanced wine, fresh fruit and dominated over the aging, with an emphasis on freshness and potency. After tasting the Suneus is clear that not only have succeeded but have stuck!. Varietal Merlot are aged for 3 months in oak cherry wine part. Cherry?. So far the only wine that we tasted with aging in cherry cake and was Fitó Rosa, who was raised in oak and cherry in French oak. Important development because these people Bodeguers AV. The result has been positive, no doubt. Now everyone copied. Furthermore, only part of aging wine (usually white or pink) that aim to maintain the freshness of fruit and usually give good results. Red-pink bright red currant color with tile trim (see photo) and it indicates that a tear just fell in raising the glass. Only slightly fan the wine in the glass as you’ll see thicker, second indicator of aging … Aromas of red fruit, confirming that in the mouth: currant and strawberry!. Immediately striking is the low acidity wine is incredibly balanced and rounded. This is an important merit because the local Empordà and the Tramuntana give much acidity to the wines, not to mention the pink. Only three months have tamed the boot Cherry Merlot … without losing the explosion of fresh red fruit. So the short aging in Cherry Merlot that has given all the virtues dela wood perdre’hi without anything in return. Soft and very sweet, elegant and simple. Very cool, good rosadet now come the heat of summer salads, pastas, meats and rice rose to ask a good pairing. Door 14 degrees of alcohol I assure you I do not know where they are, cast in the festival of fruit. A wine that has just been launched on the market. AV is the fifth wine Bodeguers a people that has been doing things right. Says who have released 1,200 bottles. It must mail disappear from the shelves of warehouses.