Ramon Francàs speaks about Suneus Rosat in his blog Vi-Franc

Ramon Francàs. Source: http://vi-franc.blogspot.com.es/2013/04/el-llaminer-suneus-rosat-2012-el-cinque.html

The AV Winemakers cellar of Vilamaniscle (Empordà), presented on April its new wine Pink Suneus 2012, one hundred percent made with Merlot selected from the vintage 2012, from vines planted in the grounds of slate, with yields below of 3000 kg / ha. Have been put on the market a total of 1,200 bottles “have been very successful given the approach of summer and freshness that presents new Suneus”. Pink Suneus 2012 is the fifth member of the family of winemakers and wines AV “the most seductive”. With a ruby ​​red color, the winery calls it “buttery in the cup and fruity nose. Recalls strawberry and cherry, with aromas of anise and balsamic herbs funds. Explodes in the mouth its freshness, balance and elegance . It is a sweet wine that seduces even the most expert and more seduce the amateurs “. I would add that it is a bright pink 14 degrees, very balanced, fruity, with some youthful freshness with notes of jelly beans (very very sweet) and round, albeit with a major attack alcoholic. On the back label states that Suneus is a wine that comes from the land of the Albera slate, the Tramontana of Alt Empordà and the Mediterranean Sea.
Pink Suneus 2012 has been prepared in stainless steel tanks of 1500-2000 liters, after selection of yeast and temperature control of fermentation. Like all Suneus range wines, winemakers AV has sought a differential element. In this case, the Pink Suneus 2012 has been raised for 3 months in oak cherry and has a rest in the bottle of one to two months. Over the coming months of April and May, AV Winemakers participate in various events to debut the new Pink Suneus 2012, and to consolidate the presence of the rest of Nereus and Suneus wines, which enjoy high scores in the wine guides and have been awarded several prizes, including the recent Giroví 2012 where Nereus Barrel won the gold medal in the category of parenting.
AV Bodeguers was born in 2002 from the hand of Carlos Alcacer and Conxita Vilarmau a proposed modern wines with hints of the territory where the raw material is born with which they are prepared. The working philosophy of the winery is to produce wines where the fruit dominance ahead of the breeds, rounded with a powerful speech and fresh local variety. The winery is located in the municipality of Villamaniscle works three farms and vineyards situated in the massif of Albera, that no more than 5 acres. It has a production of about 16,000 kg., What means about 3.500kg/ha looking mainly through the quality of craftsmanship and personalized. Currently sells about 14,000 bottles annually on two lines of wines: Nereus (aged red wine) and Suneus (red wine, white and pink). It also organizes wine tourism visits.