Empordà is a landscape of contrasts, located in the far north east of Catalonia. The Pyrenees, to the north, and the Mediterranean Sea, to the south, form natural boundaries. The breathtaking Costa Brava setting makes Empordà a truly unique place, linking the coast to the mountains, influenced by the famous northerly Tramontane wind.

Empordà is a landscape of great natural beauty, with several natural protected areas and an aweinspiring coastline of beaches and coves. It also boasts a great cultural and historical heritage: menhirs, megaliths, Gothic architecture, Romanesque art, charming small illages, the surrealist art of the genius Salvador Dali… all making the area highly attractive, even more so if the people and fine gastronomy are also considered, especially the Empordà traditional dishes and the nouvelle cuisine, headed by figures such as Ferran Adrià or the Roca brothers. All of which are complemented beautifully by Empordà DO (Designation of Origin) wines.

The wine culture reached the Iberic Peninsula by sea when the Greek navigator Avie introduced the viticulture through the Empordà in VI c. b.C. Since then and up to our days, the growing of vineyards has lived different ups and downs, even though that its presence in the territory has been constant since the moment of its introduction. At the end of XIX c., one of the peaks of the vineyard culture in Empordà, it arrived to cover all Creus cape.