In 2002, Carlos Alcàcer and Conxita Vilarmau decided to develop the project of constructing a high quality winery in the DO Empordà: AV Cellar is born under the belief that we were building a project on a privileged territory to get wines with personality and with the highest quality.

The beginnings took us to replant the 4 ha acquired to wine-growers given the low productions and quality of the grapes. It is decided to replant with the best clones of Merlot, Syrah and Black Grenache. We carefully selected varieties able to adapt to our terrains and clones with poor productions. AV Cellar has 9.000 vines producing 14.000 kg, which means less than 3.500 kg/ha.

Likewise, we installed trained facilities enabling the maximization of the grapes quality due to a superior isolation and a healthier development of the plant. Also, in a yearly basis, we carry out the green pruning in order to regularize the vineyards load. The vintage is executed by means of 20 kg. boxes to protect the grapes and control the temperature when collected just to avoid the start of the fermentation outside the winery.

The wine cellar is a building architectonically integrated in the town of Vilamaniscle. It consists of a cave destined for the wine making, a bottling zone and an aging and stocking zone, as well as a laboratory and services. The fermentation installations are modern, made of stainless steel, and provided with refrigeration equipments. In addition to this, the pressing process is done with a pneumatic press.

AV Celler started its activities in 2002. First production came on 2007 when our first wine was launched with 3.000 bottles already sold-out. In vintage 2008 we produced 8.000 bottles taking advantage of the success of our winery. In vintage 2009 we will produce around 9.000 bottles. Our capacity of production nowadays is at about 14.000 bottles/year distributed among Catalonia, Spain and international territory.

Nowadays we commercialize two lines of wines: Nereus (oak aged red wine) and Suneus (young white and red wine).