The vineyards

The vineyards

Our vineyards are spread over 10 properties that cover the 10 hectares. We grow Carignan (3 ha in centennial vineyards), Grenache (4 ha), Merlot (2ha) and Syrah (1ha), distributed mainly between the municipalities of Vilamaniscle and Rabós, within the Albera massif.

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The environment

These mountainous village are characterized by being a geological formation very close to the Mediterranean with soils rich in slate and with very diverse orographies and exhibitions. Therefore, the grapes obtained are very complex and strongly characterized by the four elements of nature: Land, Fire, Air and Water.

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Slate soil, very poor in organic matter, with high drainage, which favors the formation of low vigorous plants. The vineyards are forced to develop very deep roots in their struggle to capture the water that escapes due to the great permeability of the land. This fight structures the wine, while giving it elegant mineral nuances.


The Mediterranean climate where, in addition, rainfall is scarce, offers many sunny days. The high level of heat stroke helps the ripening to reach optimal levels.


On the one hand, the Tramontana, strong and dry wind from the north, reduces the presence of microorganisms in the vineyards, allowing them to develop their vegetative growth in a natural and ecological way. On the other hand, the sea breeze that blows the summer afternoons, moderates the temperature, allowing the grapes to reach a less accelerated ripening.


The situation of the farms, close to the sea, supposes a thermoregulatory effect since it avoids extreme temperatures. In addition, the shortage of this element in the medium largely determines the development of the plants, which conveys elegant nuances to the wine.